Ramona Stelzer

Ramona Stelzer is a contemporary artist who specializes in painting the natural world through a warm palette of magentas, blues, and greens. She captivates the essence of the environment, whether that be a sunny scene at the beach or a vibrant bouquet of flowers, allowing her audience a chance to escape into nature’s beauty.
​Her journey began in the Black Forest of Germany and continued to California, where she pursued her love for painting despite several obstacles: learning a new language in her forties, taking care of her children, and navigating a different culture.
​Rather than view these challenges as hindering, Ramona saw them as an opportunity to grow, to be open-minded and accepting of the positive experiences that result from change.
​She is mainly self-taught, but is always seeking out inspiration and education. Her curiosity, passion, and appreciation for art is apparent in her achievements: her first art exhibition attracted collectors from Germany and Switzerland, and she was nominated for the Palm Art Award in 2021.