Sondra Slade

Sondra Slade is a jeweler who makes hand crafted, one of a kind, precious & semi-precious Gem Stone Bead Jewelry. Hence the name, “Akashic Jewelry Design”, because minerals hold the memories and the evolutionary records of the planet Earth. She designs the lovely gemstone beads to resonate with a stunning focal pendant. Each one is authentic and created by the endlessly inventive hand of Mother Nature; every pendant stone is a unique world of its own. Sondra is a true rock hound. She picks up stones everywhere, and for years she ran a rock tumbler- in her hall closet. She first chooses a color pallet, and then lets the stones guide her. She is also a musician-percussionist. To her, each bead represents a single beat, and then they are arranged into “rhythmic phrases”, using the silver findings to delineate each section. The result is a necklace that is designed to have its’ own flow, rhythm and motion to it … a life of its’ own. She received training in Art & Design at the Chicago Museum of Art, University Of Illinois, and Jewelry Making at the Sharon Art Center in Golden Gate Park.