Sunday Tirio

SUNDAY TIRIO experienced a spiritual awakening in 1984 that would change her life forever. Having
firmly established herself on an eight-year retail clothing career path which she had carefully created
specifically to her liking, a friend introduced her to Jan Michaels, a jewelry designer in San Francisco.
Immediately she knew what to do with the rest of her life. The rest, as they say, is history … or her
story, as the case may be.
This new-found inspiration moved her to change her career and enroll in the Jewelry Institute of
Rhode Island and monitor classes at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she focused on design,
fine jewelry and metal smithing in both gold and silver. To enhance her studies, Sunday began
working in the costume jewelry industry for such companies as Kirk’s Folly and Gennaro Jewelry,
learning the practical side of the business.
After completing her formal education, Sunday branched out, moving to Los Angeles to spend time
with her sister, a designer for Mattel Toys and specifically, Barbie. She briefly assisted Mattel
designers in producing marketing presentations and sets, and even some accessories for that world-
renowned trendsetter, Barbie. As soon as Jan Michaels learned Sunday was available, she invited her
to work for her in San Francisco. Sunday jumped at the chance and continued working there until the
pull became strong enough to start her own business in 1991.
By this time Sunday had developed her own unique philosophy of jewelry design: that each piece
elicits a visual story, conjuring up special feelings and emotions of significance. She creates jewelry
that showcases her fine art design talents, while maintaining affordability and accessibility. She uses
such metals as copper, bronze, gold and silver, combining them with precious stones and Austrian
crystal to invoke special meanings of their own and hand-finishes them in an antique satin style
burnished into the metals.
Sunday believes that art is a voice and can serve as a conscience to society. Because she is an animal
lover, many of her designs include a wide range of animals that symbolize and express particular
qualities associated with different members of the animal community. Rabbits might exude
innocence, purity and femininity while horses exemplify extreme beauty, power and strength.
Newcomers to the collection, Sunday’s bird series represents freedom, creativity and flight while her
whimsical “Calder Meets Dali” series draws inspiration from the surrealists. Striking a political note,
her pin, entitled “Whose Body Is It Anyway?” speaks to her feelings about Roe v. Wade.
Sunday Tirio is proud to share her fine art philosophy in a custom jewelry price range. The more
collectors that can afford to acquire her pieces, the more the world becomes a little brighter, lighter
and a happier place. Her creations are available from coast to coast, in shops ranging from trendy,
avant garde boutiques to fine art museum galleries.