Susan Costes-hoffman

Susan’s life work as a nurse for over thirty years was the human diversity of form, emotions and complexities. To complement this,  in the past fifteen years she has completed numerous art classes from figure drawing and sculpture , to printmaking and painting and found that her ability to draw the human body was intrinsic and kinesthetic. She uses the intimacy of her career in nursing to assist in communicating the essence of the human form on paper or canvas. One of the things that kept her inspired in medicine was being able to explore its many facets and processes. Painting  and monotype printmaking have similar characteristics, the blank canvas or paper is similar to a first meeting with a patient, full of surprises ,opportunities, and difficulties.

Her subjects are mostly women. Historically, working mostly alongside women, they were the advocates and force behind change and at the same time showing compassion and empathy across cultural, racial, gender or other barriers.  This is why her desire is to arrive at a figure with the human elements of attitude and gesture in order to relate an emotion and connection with the viewer.  She uses color, contrast, value, line, and composition to emphasize that attitude.

She works rapidly with an emotional force whether painting or printmaking.  With acrylics, she first puts down an abstract under painting, loose and immediate and goes over that in an expressive, spontaneous way while trying to hold onto some of that juicy elemental abstract.  On larger canvases or with printmaking she juxtaposes a hard edge, whether a manmade object or architecture, an abstracted line or rough gessoed surface, against the rounded human form to create an emotional tension.

In her short career as a painter and printmaker she has had many successes, from group shows to her own show, with multiple awards and has several collectors in the bay area.  She is associated with various art associations and has been juried into numerous shows. Her new website is coming soon in Susan Hoffman Fine