Valerie Corvin

A balance of deliberate forms with spontaneous mark making makes Valerie Corvin’s artworks playful and intriguing.  Vibrant combinations of natural forms and geometric shapes ground the under painting that is then dissected by color, line and her own vocabulary of mark making. Each work is quieted with multiple layers of paint to veil some of the underlying forms to create an overall calming harmony. Viewers are enticed to look closely to discover what hints and glimpses of shapes lie underneath the layers.

Corvin finds the creative process is a combination of observation and intuition.  Extensive travels around the world or a mere walk with the dog are opportunities to discover unique organic forms all around her … a rock formation in the mountains, the shape of a melting snow patch left in a hillside crevice, a group of trees growing on a hillside, erosion of the earth on a hiking trail or an aerial view of the landscape.  Born into a creative family where both parents enjoyed painting and designing, a shell on the beach was often a catalyst for a series of artworks.  Corvin brings that family tradition to her abstractions.