First class of 2015: Abstract Acrylics: from start to stunning

The two-day “Abstract Acrylics ~ Balancing Complexity and Simplicity”
workshop on Feb 28 and March 1 was a great success. Jacqueline Sullivan, the talented instructor, led the students through several warm-up exercises, introduced them to a vast array of acrylic paints, mediums, gels, and texture making additives. Each stuent created an abstract composition (a somewhat contradiction in terms but not at all incompatable concepts). The art classroom at the Woodside School (Irving at 17th), close to our new gallery location is a spacious and functional space, with lots of artist energy. By Sunday afternoon each artist left with a creative image on a very large canvas and agreed they had all learned a lot! Brava to Jacqueline for sharing her knowledge and talents and to all the artists for exploring new media and style!

Here are some photos from the weekend class.

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