Inspiration Everywhere

— by Kelly White

DSC_0130Part of being an artist is noticing the wonder that surrounds us every day. But life gets busy, we have things we need to do, we run late, we get tired, and it’s really easy to just stop noticing the kinds of things that can inspire art. But it is amazing what you can find when you pause and actually take the time to look—and I mean really look—at things we see every day.

For example, a pigeon feather spiraling down onto the blacktop of a basketball court. It swirls and floats and swirls again at the slightest whiff of air. If you let go of the idea of what it is and just notice how it looks and moves, it’s really beautiful.

Or what about a flashlight? Forget about what it is and how we use it. Just turn it on and notice what it can do when you shine it against a dark wall. You can make shadows, strobes, streaks, and you can even see the dusty spots and squiggles that have made their way under the lens.

So the next time you’re stumped about what to create next, pause and take a look around. See what grabs you, and then keep looking.

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