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  1. Jessica on

    After hearing your comments about this shoot, I do feel the ghostly concerns of those soldiers who never saw battle. Well done, Andrea

  2. Ella Driscoll on

    I believe the Grit show to be one of the best we have had in many a day.
    Kudos to the artists in the show.

  3. Graham on

    Not a bad article, there are some mistakes and few bits of dodgy advice but generally OK.

    The big thing everyone always seems to miss is the fact that the website you build is not for you, it’s for your visitors. If they want wolf howling at the moon then that’s what you have to put on your site even though you may despise the whole genre. For artists the most important thing you have is your art, so that what you need to make the focus of the site. The design of the site is pretty much irrelevant. Don’t forget that what you like is not what I like. Just because you like a beautiful font in a shade of green doesn’t mean the rest of us concur. So build your site and be prepared to tear it all down if it doesn’t work for the people who are going to fund your art.